# VuePress Tutorial 1 - Introduction

By: J the Code Monkey
Posted: Sep 24, 2021 Updated: Apr 18, 2023

# What We'll be Developing

Welcome to our VuePress (opens new window) series!

In this series we'll be developing the Code Monkeys Blog starting from the basics.

So, have a look around if you haven't already.

Now grab a 🍌 and let's get to it!

# Why Create a Blog?

  • Benefits of creating a blog:

    • Learn how to Create a Website
    • Improve your Web Development Skills & Writing Ability
    • Document your Thoughts & Ideas
    • Help Others Learn & Meet New People
    • Build your Online Brand
    • Source of Independent Income
    • Show it to Employers

# What We'll be Covering

# Nice to Know

Since VuePress (opens new window) uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue (opens new window), and Markdown, it's good to have a solid grasp of them before starting.

However, in these posts and the accompanying videos I'll try to explain everything in sufficient detail, and anything that may need more explanation I'll provide links to helpful resources.

# How to Use these Tutorials

  • If you want to recreate the Code Monkeys Blog or create a very similar blog then you can simply follow these tutorials in order.

  • Each tutorial will give you some general information about a VuePress (opens new window) topic and provide helpful resources.

  • Then we'll apply what we've learned to the blog as an example.

  • This way you don't have to necessarily follow the tutorials in a linear order.

  • You'll be able to just learn a VuePress (opens new window) topic if you don't want to recreate the entire blog or create a very similar blog.

# Updates

Note that the Code Monkeys Blog is not a finished product.

This means new features will be added, and the current code will be optimized and refactored as needed.

So, when something gets updated a new post will be made discussing the changes and/or an old post may be updated.

Also, this blog is currently using VuePress v1 (opens new window).

VuePress v2 (opens new window) is still in beta at the time of this writing.

Once VuePress v2 (opens new window) is out of beta and the plugins being used are updated, the plan is to migrate over.

# Resources

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